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 Some stories from my trips.



Hey !! I finally finished my studies this winter, and now it's getting better for me to windsurf as not taking too much work in Finland..I just feel like need to windsurf more. Season 2011 has now begun.. We had some awesome conditions in Maui this year.. the whole March-april was just amazing windsurfing, and had so much fun out of water aswell !! I'm heading to canary islands for the june-july as usual, then september october some competitions in Europe. and after that hoping to get back to Maui for the winter..
Trip to Maui in March 2010

windsurfing maui from tuomo naalisvaara on Vimeo.

Hi !

In March I travelled to Maui for 16days. It was my fifth time on Maui and definetely the shortest. Normally I stay at least for one and half month when fly that far away. Anyway we scored some really nice conditions, and I was out of water just for one day. You can find some new pics from the gallery, and more pics on my finnish site.

Last year I got my first points on PWA word cup Sylt. I finished 24th in wave and slalom... I can't remember. I also did PWA world cup Gran Canaria last year. I think my overall ranking in the world was 45th on wave and 58th on Slalom.

This year I'm going to do Wave World cup in Gran Canaria, Denmark and Germany.

My next trip will be Pozo Gran Canaria in June and July.
Today was one of the best days I have had in Canary Ilands. Mosqa point showed that Gran canaria can offer some unique wave riding also in summer. Day was totally different from normal Pozo high wind onshore condititions. There was only me and few other guys sailing in Mosqa point, wich made the day even more special.

Check out todays pictures from gallery.

It's been windy for the last five days. I've been windsurfing in Pozo and Vargas, mainly using sails between 4,2m2 and 5,8m2. First days in water have been mostly freestyle sailing, but on few days we also got some waves for jumping aswell =)

Worlds best wave windsurfers have also came to Pozo for training into upcoming wave world cup event. It's good feeling to train hard and at the same time watch all the professionals ripping. That get's me even more motivated for my own performance.

6.6-9.8 2007 Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Teneriffa ja Lanzarote.

First days at Pozo Gran Canaria there's been no wind, so I've been surfing for two days now at the beach of Maspalomas (Faro). Waves were shoulderhigh and it wasn't even that crowded.. It was good to be on water to do some sports. Really nice start for the trip.

The season is yet to be opened in Oulu but still have some good memories from last fall.