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Here is Maui days 2011 ! This march was amazing !

Hey all you folks ! 2011 I got one new sponsor, Battery. check www.batterydrink.com. Battery is the Finlands biggest energy drink, even over RedBull. I started this season abot 3weeks ago in maui. It's been great conditions for training and filming. I'll post some new pics later. Mean while you can check out last years video from Cran Canaria. Enjoy !

Tuomo Naalisvaara windsurfing Gran Canaria 2010 from tuomo naalisvaara on Vimeo.


I'm sorry I haven't update my english site as well I should been. I've just been so busy that I hardly have time to update my finnish site.. My newest videos from 2009 Gran Canaria PWA world cup you can find from vimeo by entering my name. I also have straight links to those videos from my finnish site behind the ''reissut'' link.

Last season was great, starting from Maui in spring, summer I spent in Gran Canaria Pozo, and did both wave and slalom discipline in PWA world cup. We had some great days in Finland in autumn, and I also competed in Germany Sylt PWA world cup also in slalom and wave like in Pozo. In sylt I scored my first wave points in world cup, finishing 24th in wave and and 44th in Slalom. My overall ranking in 2009 PWA World Cup was 45 in waves and 58 in slalom.

This year I'm looking forward to get better results in both disciplines, and also hope to find some perfect conditions. Most of all I can't wait to get some more unforgettable memories in this great sport!

I'm so greatfull for my sponsors for giving me such a great opportunity to do what I love.

On this week I'm heading back to Maui for training. I can't wait to get this season started !
New video from one of the best spots in Finland. Nice day, thought wearing 6mm wetsuit. Check Video

New Sponsorships Relacom Finland Oy and Oakley !

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Wave Champion of Finland 2008 !!

Contest was run in epic conditions in Pori Yyteri. The whole week before competition Yyteri was going off and offering some of the best wavesailing in Finland for a long time.
PWA World Cup Sylt 2008 26.9-5.10 Check out

Today it's sunny,warm, lot's of people and no wind.
Last weekend was my wavecamp in Pori Yyteri Finland. It was good fun for all of us! We sailed two days in light wind, but still trained some trick techniques..and now we've maybe ridden some of the biggest sand dunes in Finland.

In July I came 4:th in Secondreef canarian wave(CWR08) event in Tenerife!

I'm sailing in Gran Canaria for the next few months. I'll update my gallery as soon as get some new shots from Pozo.
New VIDEO from Maui !

2008 Guincho World Cup Postponed.
Regrettably, the PWA, in conjunction with Club Overpower, has been forced to announce the postponement of the Guincho World Cup, previously scheduled for early June.

Training in Maui is going well! We've had some epic days in Hookipa and weather forecast shows that more is coming. Still five more weeks to go..


9.3-22.5 I'm training to the upcoming season in north shore of Maui,Hawaii. From gallery you'll find the latest pictures from paradise.
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I have joined in urheilumaailma.com's athleteprogram. Cooperation will last season 2008. Check out urheilumaailma.com

Finnish Wave Champion 2007 !!

Finnish wave championship 2007 was kept few days ago in Pori Yyteri. Conditions where great. Strong porttack sideonshore wind and headhigh waves guaranteed a good competition with 32windsurfers.

1.Tuomo Naalisvaara
2.Risto Reinikka
3.Tuomo Jäntti

Photo PWA/John Carter

Scottland, Tiree 2.10-16.10
Corona Extra Wave World Cup 2007

World Cup event started on Go Fast Super Session. Two 15 minute heats containing 15 men were subsequently sent out to impress the judges with their best jumping moves for the free form all-or-bust format. I advanced into the 10-man final, but missed out the top three in the final results.

In the final day the real wave world cup contest started.
Solid logo high glassy surf rolled in fanned by a fluky cross offshore breeze. Initially many found it impossible to get out through the punchy inside sections, and many early heats were cancelled.

In my first heat I got against British wave specialist Ben Proffit K-800. Only one wave was count from each sailors. I did well on few nice waves but Ben did it better, and I was kicked out by him. My result was 33th.
I got a place in The Corona Extra PWA World Cup event '07. World Cup competition will take a place Oct 06 - Oct 13 2007 in Scotland. Read more


I did Pozo Pro-Am last saturday, but did not get a wildcard to competition.
Watch VIDEO!

Check out new action photos from Gran Canaria. Read more about latest days from trips. Read more

Hola! I came to Pozo few days ago. There has been no wind, so no windsurfing yet. Let's hope it gets windy soon. I'm going to compete Second Reef contests in Fuerteventura 6-8th July, Lanzarote 27-29th July and the last Second Reef wave contest take a place in Tenerife 3-5th August.

Check out the story from here.


We agreed on three year contract with Rautio Sports! I'm extremely happy of my new sponsor which gives me an opportunity to concentrate even more on windsurfing. My new equipments are Starboard and Severne Sails. These both brands are imported by Rautio Sports. It was easy to choose Starbord and Severne again. I prefer these brands because I have already sailed Starboard and Severne before, and I knew the guality that they represent. For new boards I chose Starboards Evos and my new sails are Blade, S1 and S2.

Yesterday I sailed with Evo 75 and 4,7m2 S1. It was plus 5 degrees celsius and raining, but I still had a really nice freestyle session. Check out the new pics from my photo gallery.

Let´s go and surf these fresh and freezing spring days first, and then in few weeks I'm going to fly to the heat of Gran Canaria. Yeba!

Great! Website is open. I try to update the news page and gallery during the season after latest trips, photoshoots, contests and events.

Last season ended 12th December to legendary conditions in Pori Poliisinlahti. I ended up season with good feelings. I also windsurfed in Fuertevetura, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Estonia and Sweden. I did four wave contests in Canary Islands, Estonia and Sweden. Because bad conditions we didn't have Wave SM contest in Finland, but still got something to look forward on season 2007.

I opened this season 27th of April in Oulu on a good freestyle conditions, and week later I got few good freestyle days more in Lake of Tuusula. After four months break, I still got good touch to freestyle moves thanks to good winter training. In the beginning of June I'm going to Gran Canaria. I'm going to participate in the Second Reef's canarian waveriders tour at Fuerteventuraand Lanzarote in July and at Tenerife in the beginning of August.

I'm really excited for this coming season=)!

The Annual surf fair in Lahti 5th of May. Be there or be square!